Lean Visual Management Boards PART TWO

Visual Management Replacement Whiteboard Sheets

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We get our carefully prepared visual management whiteboards designed, printed and installed…….but what next? How do I update these custom printed whiteboards without spiralling costs and a negative environmental impact? Magiboards has developed a variety of options to suit all needs:

  • Fully custom printed dye sublimation printed whiteboards – Implementation phase
  • Replacement dye sublimation printed sheets on magnetic backing – Improvement phases
  • Starter plain whiteboards with magnetic accessories – Planning and development phase
The replacement sheets are made from 2mm coated steel dry wipe sheets printed using dye sublimation printing directly into the surface of the whiteboard. This gives a totally smooth surface with no vinyl covers to attract germs. The surface is quick and easy to keep clean. A 1mm magnetic rubber backing is then applied to the front sheet which will sit over your current design without the need to replace an expensive stand or wall mounted framed whiteboard:
  • Quick and Easy – no drilling
  • No waste – nothing to throw away
  • Updates in seconds
  • Maintains the quality of your lean visual tools

Lean board examplesFor lean visual management board examples, you can see our lean manufacturing gallery by clicking here.

Here you’ll find a range of example designs for visual management boards for manufacturing as well as a variety of ways to implement your SQDC, KPI, CI and other lean methodology boards.

For other types of visual management boards, please see our dedicated Lean Visual Management page by clicking here.

Magiboards Lean Visual Management Whiteboard & Lean Manufacturing Catalogue 2020If you want a copy of our latest Lean Visual Management Solutions brochure please click here.
Available as a hard copy via post or as an online digital copy.

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The brochure contains product information on:

  • SQDC  whiteboards
  • Root Cause Analysis whiteboards
  • 5S whiteboards
  • CI whiteboards
  • Production SIC whiteboards
  • Health Safety and Environmental whiteboards
  • Lean Accessories needed for your whiteboards

The brochure also advises on:

  • Different options for early stages, flexibility, replacement panels and fully custom printed mobile and wall fix whiteboards.
  • How to become a Magiboards gold member and save £££ on artwork generation, repeat orders and lean accessories
  • Case studies and customer feedback

For Part One of our ‘Lean Visual Management Boards’ story, please click here.

Magiboards are here to help. For help or order enquiries please contact customer services on 01952 292111 or via e-mail: sales@magiboards.com

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