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Celebrating 25 years of Bob!

One of our production team, Bob, is celebrating 25 years of working for Magiboards today. We went out to the factory to have a chat with him and hear about his experience at the company. “I’ve seen a lot of change since I first started here”  he told me when I asked him what it’s like to work for one company for such a long time. “One of the great things about production is that we are constantly developing new products so there’s always something fresh and interesting to work on.” We have developed over 100 new products since Bob first started in 1993, something that wouldn’t be possible without the feedback and advice that our production team in the factory provides us with.

Our staff’s loyalty is a great reflection on Magiboards’ dedication to creating a great working environment for our team, and at Magiboards we believe that a happy workforce will produce quality products time and time again. With 25 years of experience Bob is the our second most long standing employee, only after Julie who has been with us for 32 years. Our team is a combination of old and new employees, which gives a great mix of experience and fresh ideas.

So here’s to Bob on a great 25 years at Magiboards!


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