How To: Create a Large Magnetic Whiteboard in your Office

Chameleon VisuWall Frameless Whiteboards


Many of our customers are looking to create a large magnetic whiteboard for their office or working environment. Everyone has slightly different budgets and design requirements so we thought we would put together some options for you.

What is the largest standard size magnetic whiteboard I can get? 
The largest magnetic dry wipe board is 240 x 120cm, which can be shipped through the courier network. This type of board is available with a range of framing options.
A guide price for a magnetic coated steel dry wipe board is £94.64 ex VAT + £4.50 transport. A top of the range large 240 x 120 cm enamel steel board sells at £169.80 ex VAT. Click here to view the Largest magnetic dry wipe board.

We can also supply a very large magnetic whiteboard with a coated steel surface at a 300 x 120cm size, available from £235 with a delivery cost of roughly £200 within a 100 mile radius. Contact customer services for more information.

What other options are available to me?
VisuWall: Buy Now »

Chameleon Designer Whiteboards

Frameless: Buy Now » For a designer, frameless, top quality, magnetic, dry wipe surface….choose Chameleon whiteboards

Large frameless designer whiteboards

  • Enamel steel dry wipe surface with 25 year guarantee
  • Scratch resistant and easy to clean dry wipe surface. Saves time on cleaning down the board
  • A modular whiteboard system that allows you to butt panels together to infinitely increase the size of the whiteboard surface to create a large uninterrupted writing space
  • Available with curved frameless edges with black lacquered designer edges
  • Available with straight edges with white lacquered edges. Butt the straight edges together to create a large magnetic whiteboard wall.
  • Custom sizes available. Made to measure.
  • Can be made in any shape. Simply send your idea and we will create the artwork and make your whiteboard.
  • Solid quality panels
  • Chameleon Frameless: Prices from £108 ex VAT.
  • Chameleon VisuWall: Prices from £800 ex VAT. (3 individual panels – Total size of board 294 x 198cm)

Cut and Join whiteboards

Buy Now »For a top quality enamel or coated steel large magnetic dry wipe surface on a lower budget…choose Cut and Join whiteboards

Cut & Join Whiteboards

  • Choose between a magnetic enamel surface with 25 year surface guarantee, or a coated steel surface with a 10 years guarantee. The enamel steel surface is scratch resistant and both surfaces are dry wipable and easy to clean.
  • Each panel has a maximum size of 240 x 120cm and can be joined together with a discreet H section joining piece to create larger magnetic whiteboard surfaces. The whole board has one frame surround.
  • The coated steel surface dry erase boards can also be supplied with a white frame for a more contemporary look. This matches the H section joining piece and whiteboard surface colour.
  • Can be custom made to your own specific size
  • Prices from £285 ex VAT for a 240 x 360cm large whiteboard.

VersaTile Whiteboards

Buy Now »For designer frameless magnetic board panels in fixed sizes….choose VersaTile whiteboards

Large Whiteboard Panels

  • Available in two sizes: 150 x 100cm and 115 x 75cm only.
  • A modular whiteboard system that allows you to butt panels together to infinitely increase the size of the whiteboard surface to create a large uninterrupted writing space
  • Magnetic coated steel surface with 10 year guarantee.
  • This board design creates the frameless panel by bending the steel back to leave a smooth edge. This creates a hollow board which is backfilled with polystyrene for ease of writing.
  • Prices from £59 ex VAT.

Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Buy Now »For a further large frameless designer magnetic dry wipe option….choose Magnetic glass boards with hidden rail fixings

Magnetic Glass Boards

  • Available in 4 standard sizes, up to 240 x 120cm
  • Very easy to clean, dry wipe surface
  • Accepts special extra strong magnets or self adhesive accessories (Can not be used with normal magnetic accessories)
  • Glass writing boards are very heavy. Care should be taken when installing.
  • Prices from £97.39 ex VAT.

For further information on Column board systems and mobile versions, please contact customer services who will be happy to help you.
01952 292 111

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