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Disposable whiteboard dry wipe marker pens Pack of 10

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A handy pack of 10 x disposable dry wipe marker pens for whiteboards. Available with a bullet tip in many... read more »


A handy pack of 10 x disposable dry wipe marker pens for whiteboards. Available with a bullet tip in many colours.

We recommend the use of Magiboards whiteboard markers as these are best suited for problem free marking and dry erasing on Magiboards’ whiteboards. Some other brands either use too little alcohol as a dry marker solvent (e.g. low odour markers) or too high a dry marker particle content (markers that dispense a lot of ink). These may be more difficult to dry erase, as will markers that come to the end of their life and from which the alcohol has nearly gone. The use of our Magiboards disposable dry wipe marker pens will keep your whiteboard in pristine condition.

Store whiteboard markers horizontally, or, if necessary, with the tips down. Storing markers upright will cause the alcohol dilution agent to sink to the bottom of the marker and may make it difficult to erase markings.

We recommend you follow the Magiboards whiteboard cleaning instructions before you use the pens on your whiteboard for the first time. You can find our cleaning instructions for whiteboards by clicking on the Product care tab above.

Use in combination with our Magiboards felt whiteboard eraser and MagiClean cleaning fluid to ensure your whiteboard surface stays unmarked for longer!

  • A pack of 10
  • Available in an assorted pack of 2 blue, 2 red, 2 green & 4 black
  • Also available in 10 x black, 10 x blue, 10 x red and 10 x green

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