Chameleon Custom Whiteboard Range

A perfect harmony between design and function!


We would like to present the latest innovation in whiteboards: ‘The Chameleon Whiteboard’ combining the functionality of a top of the range magnetic enamel whiteboard (complete with lifetime surface guarantee) with the latest in style and panache. No more frames. Every size to choose from. Let your creativity go wild and adapt your whiteboard to your unique interior design vision.
These modular chameleon whiteboard panels are link-able to create a single uninterrupted writing wall in every size. All of the panels can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically, allowing you to write across the full width of the wall. The surface of the Chameleon Whiteboard Wall is guaranteed to be mirror smooth, creating an even writing wall or whiteboard. Not only does this look good, but it also creates a sense of serene interior. The simple hidden suspension ensures the finishing touch on all of our Chameleon whiteboards range.

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Chameleon Writing Range Mounting Video

See how easy it is to create your own stylish and innovative writing solution.

The following Chameleon unframed whiteboards are available:

Chameleon Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

A very sleek and contemporary look and feel. The best quality whiteboard for highly intensive and permanent dry wipe use. The surface will not rust due to the double enamel layer. The fired surface (fired at 800°C) means no scratching and a life time of easy to clean whiteboard. The frameless whiteboards are 10mm thick and have a square edge which allows the whiteboards to butt up next to each other. The maximum dimensions for individual square panels are 118 x 298 cm.

Custom Printed Whiteboard Wall

Expand your creativity with a custom printed whiteboard wall solution. We can print any design you choose onto a magnetic coated steel surface.  The option is entirely yours. Choose a vibrant print or  something more simple. Our studio is happy to help you with your design.  A Chameleon custom printed wall allows you to create a truly unique working space.

Chameleon Whiteboard Wall with Custom Cut Out Design

We can cut out a skyline shape, your logo or another design. We have the technology to produce whiteboards without a profile edge, allowing us to literally cut our whiteboards into any imaginable shape and, more importantly, providing you with unlimited creative freedom to adapt your whiteboard to your interior design. Ask us for details.

Semi Matt Enamel Dry Wipe Projection Boards

In large rooms, it can be more difficult to see a projected image. This Chameleon Projection Board gives you an oversized projection surface of 88 or 100 inches (16:10 ratio). Combined with the current-generation projectors, this offers truly amazing image quality. The board is entirely frameless, so that it fits any interior beautifully.

Sizes : 1180 x 1890 mm (projection surface 88 inch, 16:10)  1350 x 2160 mm (projection surface 100 inch, 16:10)

The following Chameleon unframed whiteboards are also available:

Individual panels with the option of a Square or Curved finish

Individual panels can also make a great design statement.

You have the choice between a straight edge finish, with white lacquered edges that blend seamlessly with the board, or a soft curved finish, with contrasting black lacquered edges.

For the many available standard panel sizes, please see the Frequently Asked Questions button or ask customer services for custom size options.

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Simple & Very Easy Installation

We offer two hidden fixing systems.

Individual panels use a hidden hook system. One hook attached to the reverse of the board and one to the wall. The two elements fix together.

Chameleon Range Instruction Sheet – Individual Panels

Two panels or more, and the funky modern whiteboard shapes above are supplied with a magnetic fixing system.

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