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Special Stands

Custom printed whiteboards and notice boards are often on special stands in a factory environment.

Here you can see a range of stands from simple mobile stands on lockable wheels, to rotating cubes, meeting stations, shadow work stations and rotating triangular or square huddle boards.

You can choose to have any combination of whiteboards with custom print to your design. Simply choose your option in the drop down menu.

Magiboards will work with you to develop any custom stand you need for your whiteboards and noticeboards. We have a standard range of mobile stands on lockable wheels and our rotating triangular stands can also be sold with heavy duty wheels to suit the most stringent environment. Health and safety markings can also be added to your stands.

Our range of magnetic paper holder windows complements your Custom Printed Whiteboards and Notice Boards On Stands. Border colours can tie in with Health and Safety, or with a continuous improvement project.

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