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This Scrum Kit supplies all the essential tools to make your own Scrum whiteboard. Scrum is a framework that helps... read more »


This Scrum Kit supplies all the essential tools to make your own Scrum whiteboard.

Scrum is a framework that helps teams to achieve. Like a sports team training for the next big game, Scrum encourages teams to work together, to organise themselves and to reflect and act while working on a problem in order to continuously improve.

The 5 headers included in the kit are Backlog | To Do | Doing | Done and Verify. Each header in a bright green colour is 15 x 5 cm width x height. Also included in the Scrum kit are colourful MagiNotes. These magnetically attach to your whiteboard and can be written on with a dry wipe pen. The six available stand out colours are green, red, yellow, orange and purple. You can use these to track various actions through the Scrum process. The idea is that the Scrum board is very visual.

Also included in the Scrum Kit is a 3mm self adhesive tape which allows you, along with the headers and other accessories, to map out your own layout for your Scrum board.

You have many options for magnetic whiteboards which can be used with the Scrum kit to create your very own Scrum whiteboard:

  • Top of the range VisuWall is a frameless magnetic whiteboard with beautiful curved corners, perfect for scums, projects and other collaborative events  View here 
  • Chameleon frameless magnetic whiteboards are a designer whiteboard solution, made from the highest quality magnetic enamel steel. View here
  • VersaTile whiteboard panels are a modular system which when butted together create a large whiteboard surface, ideal for expansion and collaborating with your team. View here
  • Our standard coated steel and enamel steel wall fixed magnetic whiteboards. View here
  • Mobile magnetic whiteboards on stands are great for mobile work and working between offices and rooms. View here

The kit is finished off with a pack of 10 black memo magnets in 20mm diameter and sheet of flexible magnets with crosses and warning triangles.

Scrum Kit Includes:

The scrum kit items are available to purchase separately, excluding the scrum headers which are exclusive to this kit.

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