Aluminium Framed Notice Boards
Aluminium Framed Notice Boards

Aluminium Framed Notice Boards in Felt, Hessian & Loop nylon fabrics

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Aluminium Framed Notice Boards in Felt, Hessian & Loop nylon fabrics come in 42 colours, 8 standard sizes and custom... read more »


Aluminium Framed Notice Boards in Felt, Hessian & Loop nylon fabrics come in 42 colours, 8 standard sizes and custom sizes.

  • Aluminium framed Felt Notice Boards : Modern look in 14 popular colourways
  • Aluminium framed Hessian Notice Boards : Hard wearing fabric in 14 standard colourways
  • Aluminium framed Loop Nylon Notice Boards: The best material to choose for use with Velcro® accessories. Also available in 14 vibrant colourways

All  fabrics are tested to BS1006 for colour fastness and light fastness and to BS476 part 7 for flame retardancy

There are 8 standard notice board sizes and also a ‘configure your own size option’ to buy online.

Good quality notice board manufactured in the UK with a 2 year surface guarantee.
Includes all noticeboard fixings and instructions for wall fixing. Can be hung portrait or landscape.

    • 2 year product guarantee.
    • Anodised smudge free aluminium trim. Size 15 x 15mm
    • Fabric tested to BS1006 for colour fastness and light fastness.
    • All fabrics have certification for flame retardancy BS476 part 7.
    • Choose from 42 bright colour-ways to buy online.
    • Online colours can vary. Please ask for a swatch if required.
    • Available in 8 standard sizes.
    • If o/a sizes are critical, please advise customer services at time of ordering.
      (See ‘Dimensions’ in the Info tab above for more info).
    • Available to buy online in non standard sizes (*)
    • Manufactured by Magiboards in the UK.
    • Includes all fixings and instructions.
    • Can be displayed portrait or landscape.
    • Use a soft bristled brush to remove any specs, if needed.
    • Excellent price v quality.
    • For wall fixing.

(*) There is a custom size button at the bottom of the list of size dropdowns. If you click this, you will be able to choose interim special sizes in 5cm increments. The longest size must be a maximum of 240cm and the smallest size starts at 45cm. Should you wish to have a larger board, please contact customer services who can arrange a cut and join board or a larger size panel with special delivery conditions.

Magiboards are here to help. For help or order enquiries please contact customer services on 01952 292111 or via e-mail:

contact customer services

Choose from 3 different fabric types for your Aluminium framed Noticeboard from our extensive colour range of 42 colours


FELT most popular with a range of 14 modern colours

Magiboards Swatches Felt 2016

HESSIAN most hard wearing fabric 14 classic colours

Hessian surface options-swatches

LOOP NYLON 14 bright vibrant colours - best fabric to accept Velcro® accessories

Lopp Nylon swatches - colours

*Please note: Colours shown online may vary due to reproduction methods.
Please request swatches if required.

The Aluminium Framed Notice Boards - Felt, Hessian & Loop Nylon have a lead time of 5 working days

If you need a specific delivery date, please contact customer services who will do their utmost to accommodate you.

Thank you,
The Magiboards Team

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