Mobile Magnetic SQDC Cube Whiteboard Cupboard with Door + 3 Shelves

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A mobile magnetic SQDC 4 sided cube cupboard with a door and 3 shelves (including base). A real space gainer! Each of the 4 sides is made from a magnetic coated steel dry wipe whiteboard. For full product sizing, please refer to the ‘Mobile Cube Information’ tab.

The whole cube is fitted with heavy duty lockable wheels which means it not only turns easily but can also be moved to different lines or work stations. Use the inside of the cupboard for handy files, H&S, First Aid or product parts.

Each side is pre printed with the headers SAFETY, QUALITY, DELIVERY and COST and branded Element. The Safety side is pre printed with the SAFETY CROSS.

You will need to purchase the magnetic accessories which can be used with the pre printed Safety Cross. This is the link

To complete your board to the Element design, you will need to purchase some paper holder windows.  There are two options available to you:

Option 1

Duo self adhesive paper holder window letter & tabloid sizes

Paper holder windows which remain in a permanent place on the board. These are attached on the reverse with self adhesive tape to the whiteboard and the front sheet is magnetic. The benefit is that the papers stay perfectly aligned.

Duo Self Adhesive Paper Holder Windows in Blue






Option 2

Solo magnetic paper holder window display frame letter & tabloid sizes

Individual paper holder window which attaches magnetically to the 5S whiteboard

Solo Magnetic Paper Holder Window Display Frame A3 and A4






Another additional accessory you may wish to purchase is the Sign Grippers for Cube Header Panels A0HEADEUS 

These allow you to add two header panels to the top of your cube. Simply fix the 2 self adhesive grippers and push in the sign (not supplied) sold in a set of 4 for two signs.



All other accessories are available on the website

If you have any further requirements please do not hesitate to ask.

Cleaning prior to initial use

We recommend the use of our Magiboards cleaning fluid

Please refer to the cleaning tab where you can see a short video on how best to clean your custom printed whiteboard. The initial clean before use is one of the most important cleans you will give.

Your whiteboard has been manufactured in a factory environment and have been packed in cardboard and other packaging materials. It has most likely been delivered to you via road transport, where it was exposed to exhaust fumes and other contamination. Prior to initial use clean your Magiboards whiteboard as follows:

  • Clean the Magiboards whiteboards surface with a slightly damp micro fibre cloth (plain water). Dry with a separate cloth. Finally spray Magiboards whiteboard cleaner onto a soft, clean cloth and wipe over the board. Do not spray directly onto the board. Your board is now ready for use.


Maintenance of your Custom Printed Whiteboard

Your custom printed whiteboard should be cleaned regularly in the same way. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the intensity of use and the time that dry marker ink is left on the board and varies from daily (for high usage), to weekly (for medium usage, where annotations are left on the board for more than a day), or to monthly (for low usage where markings are erased within a day.) Please avoid wax or greasy substances from coming into contact with your whiteboard surface as this will affect erasability and cause smudging. Make sure your cleaners are aware of these instructions – Pledge is not a suitable board cleaner!

Please be cautious with Magiboards’ Whiteboard Cleaner: it is a very powerful cleaner and when used in abundance it can dissolve the ink in your custom printed board. Only use Magiboards’ Whiteboard Cleaner in small quantities sprayed onto a dry clean and soft cloth and remove it immediately after removing marks and contaminations. Always use lukewarm water after the use of whiteboard cleaner.

Magiboards cleaner: A00006EUS MagiClean whiteboard cleaning fluid comes in a handy 250 ml bottle. This new, improved product is environmentally friendly, solvent and salt free and also non flammable. This new, high quality product is a highly effective whiteboard cleaner without any harmful ingredients.

Magiclean- whiteboard cleaning product
Cleaning fluid for whiteboards – MagiClean 250ml bottle









Magiboards are here to help. For help or order enquiries please contact customer services on 01952 292111 or via e-mail:

contact customer services

Panel 1 = Door - Safety

Panel 2 = Left of door - Quality

Panel 3 = Back of door - Delivery

Panel 4 = Right of door - Cost


Paper Holder Windows Dimensions

A4 Paper Holder Window
Overall size = Width:229mm  x  Height:316mm
Internal size = Width:210mm  x  Height:297mm


A3 Paper Holder Window
Overall size = Width:316mm  x  Height:439mm
Internal size = Width:297mm  x  Height:420mm

The mobile magnetic SQDC cube whiteboard cupboard with door + 3 shelves has a lead time of 2 weeks + transit time from stock.

The Element team will be managing the stocks. Should a reorder be necessary, we will advise you of your current lead time.

Thank you,
The Magiboards Team

Mobile Cube Information

 PDF  - Size Information for Cube

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