Chameleon Harmonica Workwall
Chameleon Harmonica Workwall Chameleon Harmonica WorkwallChameleon Harmonica WorkwallChameleon Harmonica Workwall

Chameleon Harmonica Workwall

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Create you to our beat with the Chameleon Harmonica Workwall. A workwall so big that you can develop and connect... read more »


Chameleon LogoCreate you to our beat with the Chameleon Harmonica Workwall.

A workwall so big that you can develop and connect various processes in an organised manner. That you can write on, stick items to and hang items from. And a workwall that you can simply wheel away when it’s not needed.

The wall consists of 3 hinged double-sided panels, with the option available to choose your whiteboard or notice board panel surface for each side.

Many organisations see the benefit of an open office where contact and cooperation take place between teams. At the same time, teams want to be able to briefly separate themselves from the rest of the office for a sprint or team meeting without hindering other employees. The Chameleon Harmonica Workwall serves as a partition and offers the option of equipping one side with acoustic felt panels.

Whiteboard Features

  • Excellent magnetic enamel steel writing surface
  • Designer black lacquered edges
  • Dry erasable
  • Suitable for intensive use
  • 25-year surface guarantee
  • Complete with instructions

Notice Board Features

  • Acoustic properties
  • High quality material
  • Pinnable surface
  • 2-year surface guarantee
  • Complete with instructions

Chameleon Harmonica Workwall Specifications

  • Each panel is available as an enamel whiteboard surface or an acoustic PET notice board surface
  • The PET notice board surface is made from recycled PET bottles
  • Scratchproof and resistant to cleaning materials and chemicals
  • Workwall Full Size: 3540 x 1950mm
  • Individual Panel Size: 1180 x 1950mm
  • Panel Thickness: 57mm
  • Folded Panel Thickness: 180mm
  • Side profile width: 500mm

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