Magnetic Music Notes & Symbols
Magnetic Music Notes & Symbols Revolving Whiteboard on Sturdy Mobile Stand - MC1005

Magnetic Music Notes & Symbols

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Perfect for music lessons, theory classes and GCSE preparation. A set of 4 sheets of numerous magnetic music symbols for use... read more »


Perfect for music lessons, theory classes and GCSE preparation. A set of 4 sheets of numerous magnetic music symbols for use on our pre printed music whiteboards. Each symbol is  ‘kiss cut’ so they are easy to push out and use. At just under a millimeter thick, they are certainly robust enough to last!

Set of 4 sheets of magnetic music symbols

Sheet 1 contents : 1 off each of:
Dotted crotchet, treble clef, dotted minim, mp, semibreve, a bars rest, sharp, natural, flat, quaver rest, quaver, crotchet rest, ff, semi quaver, p, f, crotchet, bass clef, pp, mf, minim.

Sheet 2 contents :

5 x sharp symbols, 2 x natural symbols, 5 x flat symbols, 2 x bar rests, 2 x crotchet rests, 2 x semi quaver rests, 2 x quaver rests, 1 x accent, 2 x pause marks, numbers ‘2,3,4,3,4,4,6,8,8’ for use in time signatures.

Sheet 3 contents :

2 x Semibreve, 3 x 2 quaver, 1 x 4 semiquaver, 2 x crotchet, 1 x dotted crotchet, 3 x minim, 6 x dots.

Sheet 4 contents :

4 x quaver, 4 x semi-quaver, 7 x crotchet, 2 x minim, 5 x dot (to make any of the above ‘dotted’)

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