MagiShape Design Your Own Notice Board

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Are you tired of boring rectangular noticeboards? Are you looking for something a bit more modern?
Then MagiShape Design Your Own Notice Board is the product for you.

You can create your very own custom shape notice board.
Custom Shape Notice Board

MagiShape Design Your Own Notice Board lets you design any shape notice board. Adding a designer notice board in any shape you want to a room can make it come to life. It will give your room a different dimension and is the ideal solution to make your walls fun and interesting. At home or in the office, it is time to be creative. We can make any shape notice board to almost any design you require. From cars and mermaids to stars and giant hearts.

MagiShape Design Your Own Notice Board can be used with push pins, staples or hook and loop tape.

Investing in the latest technology, using CNC cutting techniques we can accurately produce almost any shape designer notice board that you desire. With very few limitations to what shape you would like, we are able to work with you to produce a custom shape notice board that you can’t get from anywhere else. The maximum sheet size is 240 x 120 cm but thanks to a frameless system, you can butt your notice boards together to create an even larger uninterrupted pinnable surface. This is a great way achieve wall to wall coverage of your custom shape designer notice board.

Simply send us your idea or desired shape as a JPEG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and include the maximum size. We will produce a no obligation quote for you. Should you decide to order, our in-house graphic designers will work with you to create your design and will send you a digital proof for you to sign off before your MagiShape designer notice board is produced.

To fix your custom designer notice board simply peel back the self adhesive tape on the back of the notice board and fix it to a clean dry smooth surface. No drilling, no mess and super quick!!

The MagiShape notice boards are available in the following colours. Colours marked with an asterix are available from April

MagiShape Designer Notice Board Swatches

Take some of our standard product and make it as big or small as you like….. Hmmm Time to think.
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Flower Shape Notice BoardMagiShape Hexagon Notice BoardCustom Shape Notice Board

The ECO friendly notice boards are made from 100% polyester. This makes it the perfect environmentally friendly noticeboard.

An ECO Friendly Product

  • 65% recycled post consumer waste plastic
  • 35% recycled pre consumer waste plastic
  • 0% waste material for each panel
  • 100% recyclable

We love the planet and this new product and its processes follow best practice through our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited Quality and Environmental Management Systems.


Why choose this product?

  • New and innovative allowing you to create ANY shape you like
  • Custom sizes available to suit you (maximum size 240 x 120cm)
  • Design something for yourself and be creative
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Excellent pin and staple receptive, also accepts hook and loop accessories
  • ECO Friendly, 100% Recyclable
  • Includes all notice board fixings and instructions

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What is the largest notice board I can make?

The largest single designer notice board we can produce is 240 x 120cm, but thanks to our frameless system, you can butt your notice boards together to create an even larger uninterrupted pinnable surface. This is a great way achieve wall to wall coverage of your custom shape designer notice board.

What can my design be?

Your design can be any shape within our maximum board size of 240 x 120cm.

What colours are available for my notice board?

We have a range of 12 colours available for your notice board.

MagiShape Designer Notice Board Swatches

Can I mix and match colours?

Yes, you can order your custom shape designer notice board in as many colours as you’d like! Simply choose your colours from our range of swatches.

How do I attach the notice boards to my wall or surface?

There is a heavy duty tape attached to the back of the board. Simply peel back the oversized liner and stick your notice board to the wall. Make sure that the surface you are using is clean and smooth.

Is the product recyclable?

Yes, the product is 100% recyclable.

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Magiboards is here to help. For help or order enquiries please contact customer services on 01952 292111 or via e-mail:

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