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Discover the best Eco-Friendly Notice Boards

Looking for a more ECO aware office furniture solution? Our MagiShape & ECO Notice Boards are our most eco-friendly notice board product to date. A totally self-coloured board with no fabric coverings, made from 100% recycled material – 65% recycled post-consumer waste plastic and 35% recycled pre-consumer waste […]

Home Office Collection. Introducing our new range.

Whether you’re planning on getting some office space organised at home, or just adding to your existing space and equipment, we’ve got something for everyone. Our home office collection includes whiteboards, notice boards, and a range of accessories to get the most out of your home office and working from home. So if it’s a small change […]

A3 Printed Whiteboards for Home Working Solutions

Introducing 2 new A3 printed whiteboard solutions, the A3 Printed Planner Whiteboard & A3 Printed Scrum Whiteboard. Great for use in the office or at home, the A3 boards are portable and available with aluminium frame […]

Lean Visual Management Boards PART TWO

Request a Lean Catalogue » We get our carefully prepared visual management whiteboards designed, printed and installed…….but what next? How do I update these custom printed whiteboards without spiralling costs and a negative environmental impact? Magiboards has developed a variety of options to suit all needs: Fully custom printed dye sublimation printed whiteboards – Implementation […]

Magiboards Opens New Factory in USA

Magiboards is delighted to announce the incorporation of Magiboards Inc. in the USA. The company is a joint venture between DDS Inc and Magiboards Ltd. DDS is an established manufacturer of Custom Printed Whiteboards in the US, focusing on the US hospital sector. […]

Lean Visual Management Boards – Part One

Why use lean visual management boards?

In this first of two parts, we look at the role of lean visual management tools in a manufacturing environment. The second part will follow and covers the lean tools available to you specifically concentrating […]

Office soundproofing ideas for the modern workplace

Magiboards designed and developed a new range of designer frameless magnetic whiteboards for  a companies meeting rooms, business areas and communal spaces throughout their offices. Using Chameleon Whiteboards, we developed a range of designer whiteboards in all […]

Designer Frameless Magnetic Whiteboards Transform an Office Space

Magiboards designed and developed a new range of designer frameless magnetic whiteboards for  a companies meeting rooms, business areas and communal spaces throughout their offices. Using Chameleon Whiteboards, we developed a range of designer whiteboards in all […]

VisuWall Designer Frameless Magnetic Whiteboard

Chameleon VisuWall designer frameless magnetic whiteboard is the latest addition to our designer whiteboards range. VisuWall combines design and functionality. It has beautifully finished black lacquered edges, distinctive rounded corners and an enamel steel magnetic surface which comes with a 25 year surface guarantee. […]

Magiboards joins Made in the Midlands Group

Made in the Midlands works with some of the largest OEMs and tier one suppliers and many of the Midlands and Yorkshire SME base. Today Made in the Midlands is the fastest growing membership in the UK with more than 500 members, and provides all members with a microsite and blogging platform which Magiboards will utilise by posting our latest manufacturing solutions and general updates. […]

Speciality Whiteboards and Noticeboards

Creating speciality whiteboards and noticeboards is at the heart of what Magiboards does. Have you ever found yourself looking for the perfect product for your office or manufacturing warehouse, but all the standard products don’t quite meet your requirements? At Magiboards, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture bespoke products and solutions […]

This will set the alarm bells ringing……

Magiboards loves working on new projects, especially when we are asked to produce something out of the norm. We have recently completed a mobile magnetic whiteboard cube cupboard on special wheels complete with alarm. The customer wanted to include some custom printing on some of the whiteboard panels along with some bespoke items such as […]

Space saving whiteboards for your wall

Magiboards help HYDRO maximise their wall space with MagiRail whiteboard rail system. We have recently installed our MagiRail track system at an established and global aviation company, HYDRO. Their requirement was to maximise the limited wall space in one of their meeting rooms with whiteboards and our whiteboard track rail system was the perfect solution […]

Economical Large Whiteboards

Are you looking for a whiteboard that is larger than 240 x 120 cm wide and does not cost a fortune? Magiboards very often supplies and installs cut and join whiteboards. View Product    Get a Quote These have many benefits: Create a large whiteboard size to suit you Easy to transport Looks professional. The whole […]

Notice Something Different?

Are you tired of boring rectangular noticeboards? Are you looking for something a bit more modern? With our new Stick & Mix range of notice boards you can design your own shape, making a designer notice board for yourself. How are we going to do this? Magiboards have recently invested in the latest manufacturing machinery […]

Magiboards Creates Factory Meeting Area with Large Frameless Whiteboard

A large frameless whiteboard can make a real design statement and has multiple uses. Polytec asked Magiboards to design an area in their new factory in Telford, Shropshire, which could be used both for morning production meetings and also for suppliers or customers. The Magiboards sales and installation team worked closely with Polytec to advise […]

Magiboards awarded ISO 9001:2015

Magiboards, the specialist whiteboard and noticeboard supplier, is pleased to announce its recent achievement in obtaining ISO 9001:2015  audited by Interface, creditors of UKAS, the UK’s National Accreditation Body. The updated ISO 9001: 2015 is the best practice management framework and supports Magiboards commitment to providing a high level of customer satisfaction. To complete the requirements […]

Signed Poster from FA Cup Champions, Chelsea FC

It was really great to come into work this morning and find a signed photo from the whole Chelsea FC team thanking us for the custom printed planner whiteboard and special magnets we had made for them. The timing couldn’t have been better as I had been watching them pick up the FA cup trophy […]

Celebrating 25 years of Bob!

One of our production team, Bob, is celebrating 25 years of working for Magiboards today. We went out to the factory to have a chat with him and hear about his experience at the company. “I’ve seen a lot of change since I first started here”  he told me when I asked him what it’s […]

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launch designer noticeboard video

MagiShape Designer Notice Boards

Are you tired of boring rectangular notice boards? Then MagiShape Design Your Own Notice Board is the product for you.

launch hang whiteboard video

How to hang your Magiboard

A quick video to show you how easy it is to install Magiboards’ whiteboards and framed noticeboards.

launch chameleon frameless whiteboard video

Introducing Chameleon Frameless Designer Whiteboards

The latest innovation in whiteboards: combining the functionality of a top of the range magnetic enamel whiteboard with the latest in style and panache.

launch chameleon frameless whiteboard video

Stick & Mix Frameless Designer Notice Boards

A spectacular frameless notice board that can be arranged in multiple ways to create a designer space. A great addition to any room.