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Lean Manufacturing Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboards

Lean manufacturing custom printed magnetic whiteboards now play a vital part in helping  a company to measure certain metrics. Continuous Improvement is made visual and the employees in charge of the whiteboards take ownership and pride in the results. Below you will see many different types of custom printed whiteboards from plain black and white grids to full blown visual performance boards with company logos.

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All our lean manufacturing custom printed whiteboards accept magnetic accessories and are also dry wipe. We do not use vinyl coverings so there will be no bubbles or dust particles. Everything is printed directly onto our magnetic coated steel whiteboard surface. This is very important to our Food Industry customers. We offer a 10 year surface guarantee (Please see our handy how to clean a whiteboard guide and our T&Cs)

To order your custom printed whiteboard, just click on the Quote Me button to receive a no obligation quote.

Simply CLICK on the image below to enlarge.

Custom Printed Deli Solutions packing data board - SMP0483

Deli Solutions Custom Printed Packing Date Sheet Whiteboard

Deli Solutions had space restrictions and needed a special size custom printed whiteboard. The custom size is 42.5 cm x 30 cm. The whiteboard is dry erasable and can be used with magnetic accessories. Deli Solutions supplied us with their logo and Magiboards created the artwork from their design idea.


Custom Printed 5S Audit whiteboard - 0434

Custom Printed 5S Audit Board

This very visual 5S audit board uses colours to differentiate between the Planning, Doing and Acting stages. All of our custom printed whiteboards are magnetic as standard and the main section is used with magnetic A4 paper holder windows. The 5S Audit board is 120 x 90 cm Trade Customer


Forterra Custom Printed KPIs Boards - SMP0533

Forterra Building Products Ltd Custom Printed KPI Whiteboard

Forterra have recently ordered a range of KPI whiteboards. This board is the largest size in one piece : 240 x 120 cm. If you have a project you are implementing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to visit you to discuss this further.


Forticrete Mobile Whiteboard with Wings and Wheels!

All our ranges of magnetic whiteboards can be custom printed and supplied not only wall fix but on rails, on mobile stands, on workshop stations. We are happy to work with you to deliver your project.


Cemex 5S Custom Printed Whiteboard With T Card System

Cemex’ printed 5S whiteboard is 150 x 120cm landscape. Magiboards adds the accessories Cemex requires to the board before shipping. This board has a special sized T card system and T card holders. The 5S board is part of a suite of continuous improvement boards which Cemex uses throughout their organisation. This magnetic custom printed whiteboard is used to create ideas to reduce any of the 8 wastes.


Problem solving whiteboards Championing the 5Cs

Custom Printed 5 C’s Whiteboard

This example shows how easy it is to make your company objectives visible by using a custom printed whiteboard


Custom Printed Lantmannen Unibake - Short interval control board 0413

Lantmannen Unibake Custom Printed Interval Control Whiteboard

Magiboards custom printed whiteboards are often used in Food manufacturing areas where germ control and hygiene is paramount. As there is no vinyl overlay, the whiteboards can not hide dust particles or air bubbles. Magiboards’ whiteboards can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth with water and occasionally with our whiteboard cleaning fluid sprayed onto a dry clean soft cloth if the ink has been left on the board for a long period of time.


AGR Automation Ltd Custom Printed Project Board

AGR has made full use of colour and logos on this 150 x 120 cm board. The printing process is such that it is the same price to print black and white as it is to print full colour. The use of colour shading helps to clearly visibly define rows and columns. Our studio is happy to advise you on the use of colour on custom printed whiteboards.


Custom Printed Total Planner Board 0424-01

Total Custom Printed Compressor Whiteboard

A 240 x 120 cm custom printed whiteboard retailing at £313.27 including artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments. Delivery is £7.50 per shipment to a UK mainland address.


Arla Custom Printed Whiteboard 180 x 120 cm

Arla has ordered a quantity of custom printed whiteboards from us. Everything is branded in the Arla colours and they find the whiteboard is a perfect medium to implement their Continuous Improvement Project throughout the company.


Custom Printed Aggregate Plant Operatives Information board - 0549

Aggregate Industries Custom Printed Plant Operatives Information Board 90 x 60cm

Aggregate has designed a very attractive visual Information Board. The whiteboard can be used with magnetic accessories and dry wipe marker pens. Magiboards can also supply special custom printed magnets.


Problem solving whiteboards - CPS boards, PQVC boards, continuous improvement boards

Continuous Improvement Custom Printed Whiteboard

One of our most popular boards. We can make the grey boxes to fit our magnetic paper holder windows which we can colour coordinate with your brand colours.


Root cause problem solving whiteboards

Root Cause Analysis Magnetic Whiteboard

This Root Cause Analysis board by Altro incorporates the fishbone analysis diagram.


Custom Printed Bacardi UK operations board - SMP0309

Trade artwork supplied for Custom Printed KPI board

Special prices are given to trade customers who supply their own artwork. Magiboards charges a £15 artwork handling fee to make sure that cutting lines are printed. Special prices on request.


Admin 5S Continuous Improvement Magnetic Whiteboard

Magiboards is also able to supply your accessories, be it ring binders, paper holders, magnetic printed accessories…everything you need to complement your whiteboard.


KK Fine Foods  – Health & Safety Audit Action Safety Board

KK Fine Foods designing a very clear and manageable Health & Safety board, a 120 x 90 cm custom printed whiteboard retailing at £166.55 including artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments. Delivery is £7.50 per shipment to a UK mainland address.


Jost – Edbro Cell 1 Production Board

We designed this Cell 1 Production Whiteboard with our customer who were so happy with the quality of their custom printed whiteboard, they are now on their 14th custom printed board this year. That is the same design, same size, with some very small changes in text. The board size is 180 x 120 cm.


1691_Siemens printed whiteboard

Siemens Wind Power Key Performance Indicator Board

This Key Performance Indicator board was designed by Siemens. The board size is 120 x 90 cm. 


Custom printed Caterpillar Production System magnetic whiteboard - 1715

Caterpillar Production System Printed Whiteboard

The Caterpillar team were very pleased with the 180 x 120 cm Xpart inbound cell board and have since ordered many other custom printed whiteboards for their sites around the U.K.


Custom printed Rio Tinto Manufacturing Board - 1197

Rio Tinto – Carbon Bake Manufacturing Printed Whiteboard

Rio Tinto had a specific request for a 240 x 120 cm custom printed whiteboard which they wanted for their manufacturing team. This board had to show their weekly progress, any issues they faced and concerns they wanted to rectify. We worked with Rio Tinto who were very pleased with the end result.


Custom printed Ineos BASF Refining Quality Chart - 1674

INEOS – BASF The Chemical Company Custom Printed Board

A 240 x 120cm custom printed whiteboard retailing at £313.27 including artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments. Delivery is £7.50 per shipment to a UK mainland address.


Custom printed Aggreko Orange Excellence Wall of Waste - 1589

Aggreko – Orange Excellence Wall of Waste Board

Aggreko designed their own Wall of Waste board, to keep an eye on and minimise all waste in he company. A 150 x 120 cm custom printed whiteboard retailing at £240.24 including artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments. Delivery is £7.50 per shipment to a UK mainland address.


Custom printed Lavendon Access Services - Health and Safety Board-1676

Lavendon Access Services – Health & Safety Whiteboard

This Health & Safety custom printed whiteboard for Lavendon Access Services is a 120 x 90 cm Our customer wanted to include some of our Magnetic Paper Holder windows at the bottom of the printed board. Our design team worked out the measurements for them and included sizes at digital proofing stage. If you have any questions or queries regarding custom printed whiteboards, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to visit you to discuss this further.


Custom printed Babcock International Group Safety Status Information Board -1623

Babcock International Safety Status Information Board

This Safety Status Information custom printed board for Babcock International is a standard size 120 x 90 cm. The safety status information board retailing at £166.55 includes artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments. Delivery is £7.50 per shipment to a UK mainland address.


Xylem Water Services Printed Whiteboard

Xylem water services created a very clear and manageable Import board, at 120 x 90 cm this custom printed whiteboard allows Xylem to track, plot and organise their day to day Ocean Freight with a custom printed weekly planner board which is customised to their business. All of our custom printed whiteboards accept magnetic accessories, have a dry wipe surface and come with a 10 year surface guarantee.


Brian Yeardley Continental Custom Printed Whiteboard 180 x 120 cm

Brian Yeardley is the operational centre for one of the most advanced fleets of international mega trucks and trailers in Europe. They have ordered a couple of special whiteboards to help in their planning.


Kloeckner Metals Custom Printed Manpower Deployment Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard for Kloeckner Metals is a great example of what you can do with a custom printed whiteboard. Visual map layouts are especially useful in combination with our colourful magnetic indicators!



Bidfood Custom Printed MOT And Inspection Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard was designed to allow Bidfood to keep on top of deliveries. The table has been personalised to accommodate Bidfood’s needs. The high quality logo in the corner has been created using Magiboards’ dye sub printing process, making it resistant to air bubbles and wear.


Oasis foods 180 x 120 custom printed production whiteboard

This custom printed production whiteboard has been designed to keep Oasis foods’ production standards high. The way that the board has been divided up into different categories lends itself perfectly to assessing work quality in various different areas.


Forterra-Howley Park Contractor Printed Board - SMP0687
Forterra Custom Printed Contractor Control Whiteboard

The classic table style of this board allows Forterra to efficiently manage contractor work. The high quality dry wipe surface of the board means the board can be used continuously without smudging or staining.


Food Utopia - GMP Printed Audit Action Board - SMP0727
Food Utopia Custom Printed Audit Action Whiteboard

Food Utopia have combined a simple table with personalised headers and their logo to create a sleek continuous improvement whiteboard. This board is a compact 90 x 60 cm, perfect for those slightly smaller spaces.


Custom Printed Operations DRM Board - Gerald McDonald and Co - SMP0734
Gerald McDonald & Co Custom Printed Operations Whiteboard

This weekly planning whiteboard effectively monitors goals vs outcome for a variety of custom catagories. The header on this whiteboard is large and bold, making it eyecatching to employees and visitors alike.


KK Fine Foods - Custom Printed Despatch Board SMP0738-05
KK Fine Foods Range Of Planning Whiteboards

KK Fine Foods ordered 5 different custom printed planning whiteboards, all with the same personalised blue header and footer but with various different layouts and text for planning, ranging from dispatch to packaging. This is a great example of how you can customise your whiteboards to suit your needs.


KingTrailers -Custom Printed Planning Board - SMP0741
King Trailers Custom Printed Visual Planner Whiteboard

This visual Planner Whiteboard combines colour and shape to effectively plan production. We print all of our custom printed whiteboards in colour at no extra cost, so you can really get creative! This whiteboard was ordered in 240 x 120 cm sizing.


Essex and Suffolk Water Quality Dashboard - SMP0766

Essex and Suffolk Water Quality Custom Printed Board

This visual quality dashboard was designed by the Essex and Suffolk Water Supplies company with their personalised headings and layout to clearly manage and control their water flow system. This board is at a standard 60 x 90 cm. All of our custom printed whiteboards can be used with any of our magnetic accessories and dry wipe marker pens.


AT Engineering Custom Printed Huddle Whiteboard

A huddle board is a standardised visual tool meant to help teams collaborate on and visualise all the tasks necessary to complete a project. This huddle board works on 5 different factors. If you’re not sure what you want your huddle board to look like, simply let us know what factors you want to work on and our graphic designers will help you to design your perfect whiteboard.


Bromford Industries Custom Printed Expedite Part Numbers Whiteboard

This personalised planning board for Bromford Industries incorporates several tables for planning alongside the Bromford Industries logo to create an effective and professional planning whiteboad. All of our custom printed manufacturing whiteboards are compatible with magnetic accessories, so it’s always possible to attach extra information to your whiteboard.


Muller Production SIC Summary Custom Printed Whiteboard

Muller ordered this whiteboard in a massive 730 x 630 cm size. At Magiboards, we don’t use the standard corner fixing system for our whiteboards, this means that no whiteboard is too large as it can be supported at any point along it’s length. If you need a whiteboard that is in an extra large size, simply contact our customer services team and we will help you to create the perfect whiteboard for your space.

Senior Aerospace Weston Custom Printed Whiteboard

Senior Aerospace Weston ordered this custom printed quality management whiteboard to help them keep their manufacturing to the highest standard. Our 120 x 90 cm whiteboards are currently retailing at £166.55.



Forterra Custom Printed Contractor Control Whiteboard

This whiteboard for Forterra incorportates a simple table and the company logo for an eye catching and professional  custom printed whiteboard. Designing your own custom printed whiteboard is a great way to keep on top of things in your manufacturing business.



Muller Assorted Custom Printed Production Whiteboards

Muller ordered 5 custom printed whiteboards in assorted sizes and prints. All of the boards incorporate colour coding and tables to keep on top of production. To find out more contact our customer services team today.

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