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Custom Printed Planner Whiteboards

Custom printed planner whiteboards are used everywhere for communication in the working environment. Below we have given some examples of custom printed planner whiteboards we have made in collaboration with our customers.

Weekly and Monthly Planner Boards, Whiteboards with Company Branding and Logos, Whiteboards with Job Lists or To Do dry wipe boards, Target Achievement Whiteboards for call centres and sales offices, Team Communication Boards which often form part of a wider CI project, General Sales Noticeboards, Team Info Boards, Company Mission Statement Boards and much much more…..

To order your custom printed planner whiteboard, just click on the Quote Me button to receive a no obligation quote.

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Jet2.Com Custom Printed Aircraft Movements Whiteboards

Jet2.Com ordered a suite of special size whiteboards to fit on a wall between cupboards. This 120 x 90 cm whiteboard shows the use of watermark logos. You can still write with a dry wipe marker pen over the top of the logo and it is printed at 10% of actual colour.





British Library Weekly Planner Whiteboard

The British Library sent us their design for weekly planner whiteboard 120 x 90 cm. The board is magnetic and dry wipe. The beauty of a custom printed whiteboard is you can design it totally to meet your needs. As you can see here, the first row is bigger than the rest which is exactly as the British Library needs it!





BBC Weekly Planner Whiteboard

The weekly planner whiteboard incorporated the BBC News logo and colours. The board is a special cut down board from a 150 x 120 cm width x height at 140 x 90 cm and is dry wipe with a 10 year surface guarantee. The weekly planner board can be used with magnets, ring binders & paper holder windows which are available in sizes from A5 to A3.




M & S Custom Printed Hospitality Whiteboard 240 x 120 cm

Magiboards is able to help you accessorise your custom printed whiteboards. Not all boards are used as a dry wipe surface. Our magnetic paper holder windows are very popular but we will also fix ring binders or magnetic folders to your boards. If you have something special in mind, just contact our sales team.




Waitrose - Customer Choice Chart Custom Printed Board - SMP0745
Waitrose Custom Printed Customer Choice Chart Whiteboard

This visual planner whiteboard was designed with personalised categories to monitor food availability. Waitrose Mountsorrel were so happy with their  customer choice chart whiteboard that they decided to order 10 more boards for other stores in the Loughborough area.




TomTom Custom Printed Making It Happen Whiteboard 180 x 120 cm

TomTom’s whiteboard is a simple monthly grid split into weeks with an Activity column. The Making It Happen board shows the company logo and has easy to write in boxes. TomTom sent us their idea on an excel spread sheet and we created the artwork for them making sure they were happy with the digital proofing before the whiteboard was produced. Price £248.39 including artwork generation and proofing.




Arla Custom Printed Weekly Planner Whiteboard 150 x 120 cm

The weekly planner whiteboard incorporates Arla’s company logo and colours. The board is 150 x 120 cm width x height and is dry wipe. The weekly planner board can be used with magnets and comes with a 10 year surface guarantee. The 2017 price for this magnetic custom printed logo board 150 x 120 cm is £240 which includes all artwork generation from your sketch and digital email proofing with amendments. Delivery is £7.50 to UK mainland.




Cleone Foods Custom Printed 90 x 120 cm Portrait

A black and white whiteboard in portrait format for the packing section.






Audi West London Custom Printed Whiteboard 240 x 120 cm

Audi needed a really good dry wipe surface for their 240 x 120 cm planner board. The whiteboard is in constant use. As the board does not have a vinyl, it has a totally smooth surface and the print is directly into a magnetic coated steel whiteboard surface.





Volvo Cars Custom Printed Whiteboard 180 x 120 cm

Volvo created their own design for us to make into a magnetic whiteboard. The Daily Meeting Whiteboard can be used with dry wipe pens and magnets.





West Yorkshire Police Custom Printed Whiteboard 120 x 90 cm

A custody cell whiteboard. For detainee care, it is recommended to use a whiteboard for the management and supervision of detainees. west Yorkshire Police designed their own board.





Dyfed Powys Police 90 x 60 cm Planner Whiteboard

An incredibly simple but useful design Planner Whiteboard .






Silverwood Enterprises Custom Printed Whiteboard 120 x 90 cm

Silverwood have created a lovely visual planner board with company logo and stand out colours. The board is 120 x 90 cm width x height and is dry wipe. The weekly planner board can be used with magnets and comes with a 10 year surface guarantee. The 2017 price for this magnetic custom printed planner board 120 x 90 cm is £167 which includes all artwork generation costs from your sketch and digital email proofing with amendments. Delivery is £7.50 to UK mainland.



Bud Light Message Board

The dye sub printing process will print high quality images directly onto a magnetic coated steel dry wipe surface. There are no vinyl overlays..no bubbles, no hidden dust particles. Easy to clean and a really great visual image.





Custom Printed Kingfisher target board - 0326
Kingfisher Packaging Custom Printed Marketing Board

Kingfisher wanted a special custom size whiteboard 850 x 1150 mm. Magiboards supplies sizes up to 240 x 120 cm. Interim sizes are easy as long as the shortest length is no larger than 120 cm and the longest length, no longer than 240 cm.





Custom Printed Sheppee International planning board - SMP0261
Sheppee International Custom Printed Planner Whiteboard 180 x 120cm

The vast majority of custom printed whiteboards are planner boards. The grid is whatever you want it to be and as with this board, the company logo is very important. For this whiteboard we have made the artwork and Sheppee has provided us with their logo in 300 dpi. If you are not sure, your marketing department or printers can liaise with our print department directly.




Custom Printed Weekly planner board - 0546
Matt & Gloss Custom Printed Planner Whiteboard 240 x 120 cm

Planner whiteboards can be quite complex and , if laid out properly like this board from Matt & Gloss, you can get a lot of information on a 240 x 120 cm whiteboard. Our graphics team will let you know exactly how big an area would be in real size. Simply ask at time of ordering. This information is included at digital proofing stage.




Greenham Lock Custom Printed Boat Location Whiteboard 90 x 60 cm

A boat location plotter custom printed magnetic whiteboard, for Greenham Lock. The board indicates clearly which boat should be parked in which bay. The diagram on the board was given via a PDF, this was very helpful for our design team who were able to easily replicate the Greenham Lock location board. The cost of this 90 x 60 cm board £126.45.




Custom printed Bespoke Fleet Status Worload magnetic whiteboard

First – Fleet Status Workload Magnetic Custom Printed Whiteboard

A weekly planner board with 7 days of the week along the top and plenty of white space for general information & planning to be added. This bespoke board was made for First – transforming travel. The simple use of using their brand colours and logo on the whiteboard made this board their own. The size of this bespoke printed whiteboard is 180 x 120 cm.




BAE Systems Pit Projects Overall Performance Board

This detailed overall performance board for the BAE Systems Finance department is split into sections to show their Savings and Milestones. The board size is 180 x 120 cm. There is space for 4 x A3 size Solo Magnetic Paper Holder Windows. This is a great way to show the growing trends and performance of the business.




Custom printed Serco Operational Excellence Team Board -1591
Serco Operational Excellence Service Line Team Board

Operational Excellence Service Line – Team Board is a great example of a Continuous Improvement whiteboard. This 180 x 120 cm custom printed whiteboard for Serco shows team performance, targets and celebrates any success stories.





Custom printed London Heathrow Virgin Atlantic Maintenance Info Centre Board - 1714

LHR Virgin Atlantic Maintenance Information Centre Board

This Virgin Atlantic Information Centre board is a clear & popular way to show your team your daily output and everyday concerns all on this dry wipe magnetic custom printed whiteboard. This 120 x 90 cm was created for Virgin Atlantic. They didn’t want to use logos so we suggested to add a little more life to the board and added the famous red brand colour. There is no additional charge for colour with our printing process.




Custom printed Teknor Apex Team Organisation Board -1545

Teknor Apex – Team Organisation Custom Printed Whiteboard

This 120 x 120cm custom printed whiteboard retailing at £214.72 was designed with the Teknor Apex team to create a clear working table that was easy to follow and manage as a team.





Custom printed Weekly Update board magnetic whiteboard - 1317

The Design Partnership Custom Printed Weekly Update Whiteboard 120 x 90 cm

This weekly update whiteboard was kept very simple and laid out very clearly so that any member of the team could state: upcoming meetings, ongoing jobs, deadlines due and potential business. The Design Partnership team came to us with their every day meeting topics and together we designed this custom printed whiteboard to cover all those aspects of their morning meeting.




Custom printed Wylfa site evacuation zones board -1716

WYFLA Site Evacuation Zones Printed Whiteboard

This very clever and clear site evacuation board shows the blueprint of the WYFLA Power Station. Each block has its own evacuation point. Together with our client we were able to create a very effective site evacuation board. The dye sub printing process allows us to print at a very high quality directly onto a magnetic coated steel dry wipe surface.




Custom printed ITAL board - 1621

ITAL Welcome Printed Board

Independent Transport Associates Limited Welcome custom printed board uses the dye sub printing process, which prints high quality images directly onto a magnetic coated steel dry wipe surface. There are no vinyl overlays..no air bubbles, no ghosting or smudges. Very easy to clean and really easy to maintain.




Custom printed Bwrdd Gwybodaeth Information Board-1501

Bwrdd Gwybodaeth Custom Printed Information Board 120 x 120 cm

Magiboards can help you with your design of what you want on your custom printed whiteboard. Our customer came to us with a simple design of an information board for their office. They were not aware that it is the same price to print in black and white as it is to print in colour. Once they knew this the design soon changed to a more colourful and well branded custom printed whiteboard. If you have any questions or queries on custom printed whiteboards please get in touch with our sales team.



Custom printed Parker Hannifin Meeting Model board-1439

Parker Hannifin Model Board 120 x 90cm

This Meeting Model custom printed whiteboard retailing at £166.55 which is including artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments. Why not make your custom printed whiteboard more eye catching with our range of Visual Performance Indicators which includes ticks marks, exclamation marks, sad faces, smiley faces and many more.




Custom printed Toilet Check Whiteboard for Moneysupermarket.com - 1419

Moneysupermarket.com – Hygiene Custom Printed Whiteboard

This 60 x 90cm custom printed whiteboard retailing at £126.45 was designed for the Moneysupermarket.com team to assure hygiene was checked regularly within the office washrooms.





Custom printed communication board for Bunzl - 1539

Bunzl – Communication Centre Custom Printed Whiteboard

Bunzl designed this board with an idea to include our A4 Magnetic Paper Holder Windows with the space they needed to show 5 main sectors of their business. Working with Bunzl we were able to create this colourful custom printed whiteboard. The size is 120 cm x 90 cm. The whiteboard is dry erasable and can be used with magnetic accessories.




Custom printed Wolseley UK Branch Notice Board -1193

Wolseley UK – Custom Printed Branch Notice Board

This special custom size printed whiteboard was cut down from a 150 x 120 cm whiteboard to a 135 x 120 cm custom printed whiteboard for our customer Wolseley UK. They needed their printed whiteboard to be able to fit in a certain space. Magiboards supplies sizes up to 240 x 120 cm. Interim sizes are easy as long as the shortest length is no longer than 120 cm and the longest length, no longer than 240 cm. If in doubt, please just ask.




Custom printed County Hall East wing Fire Warden board-1179

West Sussex County Hall Fire Warden Custom Printed IN/OUT Slider Board

This custom printed In & Out slider attendance board is a special design which contains details of the fire warden on site that day, what floor they are based on and whether they are in or out of the office. The magnetic coated steel is a very strong dry wipe surface which comes with a 10 year surface guarantee, keep your board looking brand new with our cleaning products.




Biogen Custom Printed Yearly Planner Whiteboard 150 x 120 cm

Planner whiteboards can be quite simple or as complex as you want them to be.  This board from Biogen, is layed out very well and allows the customer to fill in the yearly graph and have enough blank space at the bottom of the whiteboard for extra notes etc. Our graphics team can let you know exactly how big an area would be in real size. Simply ask at time of ordering. This information is included at digital proofing stage.




Westmoor Veterinary Hospital Custom Printed Whiteboard 

A customised printed whiteboard at a bespoke size of 134 x 120 cm. Magiboards is happy to make any size to suit your requirements. A non standard size is simply calculated on the next sheet size up and we add a £10 cutting charge. This allows you to have the biggest possible board in those difficult spaces!. This Veterinary printed whiteboard has a simple printed table and a nice use of colour to highlight the title panels. All our printed whiteboards are magnetic as standard, they can be used with our wide range of magnetic accessories, for example our magnetic paper holder windows or photo holders.



Marple Veterinary Centre Custom Printed Whiteboard

Marple Veterinary Centre approached Magiboards with an idea for a 120 x 90 cm custom printed board. The table was to include certain sections at certain widths and heights so that they could fit in all the headings they needed. Currently selling at £166.55 which includes all the artwork generation costs and digital proofing stages. The artwork was supplied via an excel document.




Drax Power Custom Printed Attendance Whiteboard 60 x 90 cm

Drax Power commissioned a dry wipe bespoke whiteboard to track who is in and out, and when they are planning to be back. A great visual planner board.





Motherwell Football Club Custom Printed Whiteboard 120 x 90 cm

Many sports clubs are using our printed dry wipe boards for team training sessions. The coach can write notes on the quality dry wipe surface, or use magnets as the players. All our printed boards accept magnetic accessories. Motherwell Football Club have made their sports board in their own corporate colours and included the Motherwell football club logo.




Northern Gas Networks Custom Printed Whiteboard

A 180 x 120 cm whiteboard. Simple in design, this board shows how you can use colour effectively to make the board look great but also to divide different areas of focus. The whiteboard is made from magnetic coated steel and is a quality dry wipe surface.





Beavertown Brewery Production Planner Board

A production planner board can be jazzed up by adding your own logo….especially if your own logo is as funky as Beavertown’s!





33 London Planner Whiteboards

33 London ordered two Planner boards in a special size 160 x 120 cm. These boards will be used in their daily planning so it is important that they clean easily and do not smudge.





Custom pritned two weekly planner whiteboard

Digital Willow Two Weekly Planner Whiteboard 180 x 120 cm

Digital Willow have created their own two weekly planner board with space underneath to write notices or attach posters to the magnetic dry wipe surface. Digital Willow have chosen to have their logo at the bottom right of the whiteboard.





Competition custom printed whiteboard

Grovesnor Casino Competition Whiteboard 55 x 100 cm

A custom size custom printed whiteboard. The maximum size you can have for a custom printed whiteboard is 240 x 120cm. Any size below that can be made for you.





PufferFish Ltd. Custom Logo Whiteboard

This custom printed logo whiteboard has a really professional feel to it. You can choose to place your logo in any of the four corners of the whiteboard, however if, like PufferFish, you want your logo to take up more of the board than just one corner, you can contact our customer services department to see if you still qualify for a special price. These branded whiteboards make a real statement.




Lynwood Vets Printed Planner Whiteboard

Lynwood Vets have ordered a personalised and efficient custom printed planner whiteboard for effective day to day organisation. The specially treated surface of Magiboards whiteboards means that the surface can be used on a daily basis without fear of staining.





Bognor Regis Golf Club External Showcase Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard is in a lockable showcase, perfect for outdoor use. The doors on all of our showcases are made from hardened safety glass, ensuring your planning whiteboard stays safe from damage.





Eco Egg Ltd Custom Printed Planner Whiteboard

Eco Egg ordered this custom printed whiteboard to plan their weekly assembly costs. The table has a unique shape to suit all of their planning needs. They have also incorporated their logo and branding colours into their custom Whiteboard.





Innogy Renewables Custom Printed Mapping Whiteboard

Innogy Renewables ordered a custom printed whiteboard with a large graphic of their plans. This is a great way to annotate plans in a way that can be viewed by the whole workforce. The quality dry wipe surface means that plans can constantly be updated.





Epwin Group Custom Printed Feedback And Scheduling Whiteboard

Epwin Group ordered a custom printed planning whiteboard with a basic table layout that leaves plenty of space for writing in extra feedback and other notes.





MS Electrical Services Custom Printed Weekly Planning Whiteboard

This detailed planning whiteboard is comprised of a table with many columns. Magiboards’  dye sub printing process means that the table can be extremely compact without having to worry about any of the graphics fading due to erasing or general use. A perfect way to keep on top of scheduled maintenance and installation work.




Vanarama Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Vanarama ordered a custom printed planning board that combines a table design for organising van leasing, and the eye catching Vanarama logo which makes a real statement for customers and staff alike.





SPL International Custom Printed Business Whiteboard

SPL International ordered a very visual whiteboard which is perfect for tracking progress in a more eye catching and fun way. The use of Magiboards’ bright, high quality graphics places a real focus on the company’s achievements.





Monthly Calendar Printed Whiteboard - SMP0709

Custom Printed Monthly Calendar Whiteboard

This customer has ordered a 150 x 120 gridded monthly calendar whiteboard to conveniently keep on top of everything. Our custom printed whiteboards come in a range of sizes to accurately fit your space.





Whitebridge Boarding Kennels Printed Board - SMP0715

Whitebridge Kennels Custom Printed Planning Whiteboard 90 x 120

This custom printed planning board is a great way for Whitebridge Kennels to track the needs of all of their dogs. Simple individualised tables allow you to keep on top of everything, you could even add your logo for an added professional touch.





Willow Vets Custom Printed Board - SMP0717

Willow Vets Custom Printed Procedure Planning Whiteboard

This whiteboard is another great example of the effective use of a simple grid layout. Willow Vets ordered their whiteboard in 140 x 120 sizing, leaving them room at the bottom of their table for extra space which could be used to write in any extra notes.





Stema Shipping Layout Plan 1 - Custom Printed Board SMP0726-02

Stema Shipping Custom Printed Visual Planning Whiteboard

Stema Shipping ordered two 200 x 120 whiteboards with their depot maps printed onto them to effectively monitor deliveries. These boards use a combination of black and white printing and colour printing which really makes their logo stand out.





Senior Aerospace - Weston - Material Review Board - SMP0720
Senior Aerospace Weston Material Review Whiteboard

This visual planner whiteboard really utilises colour to create an eye catching reminder of company procedure. All of our custom printed whiteboards can be printed in colour at no extra cost, and the dye sublimation printing process means that you can use your whiteboard again and again without it fading.




Hewlett Packard Custom Printed Board - SMP0736
Hewlett Packard Custom Printed Visual Planner Whiteboard

This Whiteboard for Hewlett Packard is a simple box layout that allows space for everything to be written in by hand. This whiteboard is a great example of how a simple weekly planner board can be altered to suit your needs by changing the layout.





Pill Hobbler - Custom printed board - SMP0747-02
Pill Hobblers Pair Of Custom Printed Planner Whiteboards

These two whiteboards were ordered to be 60 x 90 cm and 40 x 60 cm. One of the whiteboards is a plain black and white planning whiteboard whilst the other utilises colour for effective monitoring of work.




Donkey Sanctuary - Custom Printed Board 1 - SMP0748-01

Donkey Sanctuary Custom Printed Weekly Planner Whiteboard

Donkey Sanctuary ordered two custom printed whiteboards to monitor their donkeys, one a weekly planner whiteboard, and the other a simple grid layout whiteboard. The whiteboard were ordered in two different sizes, a larger  240 x 120 cm and a smaller 75 x 60 cm whiteboard. If your required size whiteboard is not on the website, simply message our customer services team and we will do our best to meet your requirements.




The Careers & Enterprise Company Custom Printed Board - SMP0710

The Careers And Enterprise Company Custom Printed Map Whiteboard

The Careers And Enterprise Company ordered a very visual whiteboard that allows them to monitor geographical areas of need. This whiteboard utilises colour to create a key for the map. All of our custom printed whiteboards can be printed in colour for no extra cost, so get creative!


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