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Custom Printed Whiteboards For Hospitals

Custom printed whiteboards for hospitals, both NHS and private are a powerful, functional tool to communicate key messages. There is a family of dry wipe whiteboards which are used in theatres and on wards to track progress…Swab boards, Bedhead boards, Bed location boards. Other custom printed hospital whiteboards may simply be communicating with the general public….A friendly photo board with who is on duty helps the public to feel at ease and know who to speak to.

Magiboards’ custom printed whiteboards do not use any vinyl covering .This significantly reduces the risk of germs (no dust particles, no bubbles) and the boards have a better, longer lasting, easier to clean, dry wipe surface with a 10 year surface guarantee.

Below, we give you some examples of designs created by Healthcare staff along with an idea of prices ex vat.

Simply click on the image below to enlarge.

Custom printed - The Christie Theatre Team board - SMP0569-02
Christie NHS Foundation Trust Custom Printed CI Whiteboard

The healthcare sector is now using more and more continuous improvement whiteboards to help drive through change, keep costs down and engage all staff in continuous improvement. This magnetic dry wipe board is 120 x 90 cm landscape and uses the traffic light system to highlight the areas which are most in need of attention and those areas where significant progress has been made. Magiboards will work with you to put your design onto a custom printed magnetic whiteboard.

Custom Printed Board - MK NNU Board -with magnetsMilton Keynes NHS Ward 4 and 5 Staff Photo boards

“They are up they look fab.”

Denise Campbell, Quality Lead Paediatrics

If you are interested in having your own Staff boards with magnetic photo holders, please get in touch with us today.

Custom printed Alan Apley ward board- SMP0490

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Custom Printed Ward Whiteboard

This Alan Apley Ward Board, typically shows the NHS logo, the We Care logo of Guy’s and St Thomas’ and the hospital message. Colour is effectively used to create a visible dry wipe marker key. The main element of the board is a grid which is used with dry wipe marker pens and magnets. The whiteboard has no vinyl covering and is easy to keep clean. This is important in a germ free environment. 180 x 120 cm Trade Customer.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Conservative Trauma Board - SMP0604-03
Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital

A series of three custom printed boards of 120 x 90 cm. A Conservative Trauma Board, A Patch and Plan Board and a Surgical Trauma board. Each board, similar in design, has it’s own colourway. The use of colours can really help in continuous improvement projects which are being introduced more and more into the Healthcare sector.

Custom Printed Milton Keynes Hospital Ward 5 whiteboard - SMP0401-02
Milton Keynes’ University Hospital Paediatric Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard 240 x 120 cm is currently selling at £313.27 which includes all the artwork generation costs (logos were supplied by Milton Keynes Hospital) , digital proofing and amendments and 10 year surface guarantee. The paediatric board is dry wipe and accepts magnetic accessories.

Custom printed Blackpool NHS Checklist board - SMP0257
Blackpool Teaching Hospital Endoscopy Checklist Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard designed by Blackpool Hospital is 90 x 60 cm and uses colours to visibly differentiate between Time In and Time Out. The current price is £126.45 which includes all the artwork generation costs, digital proofing and amendments and 10 year surface guarantee.

South Staffs and Shropshire Healthcare printed board - SMP0625
South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

This special size whiteboard is 100 x 120 cm portrait and is used to help monitor and organise daily contact. Gary Joy, Team Manager said “I’ve just opened them this morning and they look great – thank you!”

Custom printed board for Dorset Healthcare - SMP0584
Dorset NHS Healthcare Whiteboard 120 x 90 cm

A very detailed Hospital Planner Board in 120 x 90 cm Landscape format. The design is a straight forward grid in black and white making the full use of the surface space available. The printing process is ideal for hospitals because, as there are no vinyl overlays used, the boards are easy to keep clean and do not hide any germs.

The christie NHS - Welcome to ward 3 - smp0282
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Welcome to Ward 3 Whiteboard 

A simple custom printed whiteboard with a logo and header can be very effective. As all our printed whiteboards are magnetic as standard, they can be used with our magnetic paper holder windows or photo holders. 90 x 60 cm £126.45

Spire hospital board - SMP0467
Spire Healthcare Custom Printed Theatre Board

Theatre boards are essential in every hospital theatre. This is a true Planner Board which clearly identifies which surgeon is on duty in which theatre and at which time. Spire wanted a special custom size 200 x 120 cm which is £286.92 including artwork  generation and digital proofing/amendments. Easy to clean and no vinyl overlays to hide germs!

Respond Healthcare Logo Whiteboard

Not all custom printed whiteboards have to be complicated. The clever use of a logo and corporate colours can really make a  difference to your visual communication boards throughout your workplace.

NHS - Team communication board pelican ward - 0551
Christina Marshall, NHS Nurse

Christina Marshall, an NHS student nurse, created this very effective and fun Team Communication Board. Artwork was supplied via Word with some easy direction of how to display it. The favourite is the little Pelican on the board created by our very own Design Team. This custom printed whiteboard at 90 x 60 cm £126.45

The horder centre - day surgery board 0506
The Horder Centre Day Surgery Unit Custom Printed Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard is the organisation hub of the Day Surgery Unit. The board processes a lot of information and is the largest size we do in one piece, 240 x 120 cm @ £313.27  including artwork generation and digital proofing/amendments. The dry wipe surface must be excellent for a whiteboard in constant use. Follow our cleaning instructions and enjoy the 10 year surface guarantee on these boards.

Surrey and Sussex NHS printed board- SMP0470
Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Methane Board

A magnetic whiteboard 180 x 120 cm with a unique design. Dry wipe surface, accepts magnets, 10 year surface guarantee @ £248.39  including artwork generation and digital proofing/amendments.

W Cawthornes ward custom printed board - 0357

W. Cawthornes Hospital Ward Board

A magnetic whiteboard 120 x 90 cm for W.Cawthornes Hospital Ward. The quality dry wipe surface accepts magnets and comes with a 10 year surface guarantee.

Hywell DDA Health Custom Printed Swab Board

Hywell DDA Health University SWAB Board

This SWAB Board for Hywell DDA Health University is an essential part of every hospital theatre. Depending on the type of theatre, swab boards vary. We have created many different designs for different hospitals across the UK. The size of the board is 120 x 90 cm which is £166.55 which is including artwork generation and digital proofing/amendments.

Custom printed Ward 8 Infection Control Information Board -1518

Ward 8 Inspection Control Information Board

This special size magnetic custom printed whiteboard at 140 x 110 cm, was an artwork handling job through one of our trade customers. All of our custom printed whiteboards come with a 10 year surface guarantee, the dry wipe surface accepts magnetic accessories & are very easy to clean and maintain.

Custom printed Great Ormond Street Hospital - VCB Theatre Staff Allocations Board -1550

Great Ormond Street Hospital – Theatre Staff Allocations Board

Great Ormond Street Hospital approached us with their ideas for a magnetic custom printed whiteboard. Together we designed this detailed board for their Theatre Staff. They were so pleased with their custom printed board, they now use them in 11 theatres in the hospital. Size of the magnetic printed whiteboard 180 x 120 cm.

Custom printed NHS City Emergency Department board -1717

NHS City Emergency Department Custom Printed Whiteboard

A magnetic custom printed whiteboard 120 x 120 cm for the NHS. The quality dry wipe surface accepts magnetic accessories and comes with a 10 year surface The price for the artwork includes artwork generation and digital proofing/amendments. Retailing price at £214.72.

Custom printed Theatre allocation board-1221

NHS Theatre Allocation Custom Printed Whiteboard

There are no vinyl overlays… so no hidden germs, no bubbles… so no hidden dust particles. Very easy to clean and maintain. The dye sub printing process will print  directly onto a magnetic coated steel dry wipe surface. This custom printed whiteboard at 200 x 120 cm retailing price at £286.92.

Custom printed whiteboard for Great Ormond Street Hospital -1709

Great Ormond Street Hospital Custom Printed Board

Great Ormond Street Hospital were so pleased with their previous boards they decided to get some more custom printed whiteboards and approached us with their ideas for another custom printed whiteboard. The quality dry wipe surface accepts magnets and comes with a 10 year surface guarantee. The size of their magnetic printed whiteboard 90 x 60 cm.

Custom printed Maternity Wing whiteboard - 1301

The NHS Royal Surrey County Hospital Custom Printed Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard for the Maternity wing is used to allocate rooms, midwife duties and ongoing delivery information for the wing. The board is made up of a simple table. The board size is 200 x 120 cm @ £286.92 including artwork generation and digital proofing/amendments. Follow our cleaning instructions and enjoy the 10 year surface guarantee on these boards.

Custom printed Welcome to Outpatients Department Board - 1496

Kings College Hospital Welcome to Suite 7 – Outpatients Department

This magnetic custom printed whiteboard size 120 x 90 cm, was for the NHS Trust Kings College Hospital. All of our custom printed whiteboards come with a 10 year surface guarantee, the magnetic dry wipe surface has no vinyl overlay and is simple to clean with plain water (and occasionally, our whiteboard cleaner fluid.

Spire turbridge Swab board - smp0563
SpireHealth Care Tunbridge Wells Hospital SWAB board

This custom printed SWAB board is at 120 x 90 cm currently selling at £166.55 which includes all the artwork generation costs (artwork was supplied via a word document) , digital proofing, amendments and 10 year surface guarantee included. The SWAB board is a quality coated steel dry wipe surface and accepts magnetic accessories.

South Staffs and Shropshire Hospital Board - SMP0592-03
East Shropshire MH CRHT

We are showing here one of three custom printed whiteboards designed by Operational Team Manager, Maryan Davies who was delighted with the final result. “The custom printed whiteboards are fabulous and the service from Magiboards was also top class. You delivered on time. Colleagues from other teams have admired the boards and our manager has photographed them with the intention of getting our counterparts to order them for their teams.”

Unison Bristol Health Magnetic Whiteboard

The use of the Unison logo and corporate colours make this custom printed whiteboard look really good. The whiteboard is a special size at 120 x 140 cm portrait.

Nottingham University Hospital Theatre Admission Suite Whiteboard

This black and white chart whiteboard is simple and functional. The high quality dry wipe surface of the board means that it can be used everyday without any fear of staining.

Yeovil Hospital Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Yeovil Hospital have designed this whiteboard so that a high volume of information fits into a small space, allowing staff to efficiently keep a track of patients and their needs. 4 of these boards were ordered in a similar style but altered to suit the needs of the various wards.

Milton Keynes Hospital Custom Printed Whiteboard

These two whiteboards are  classic table boards for monitoring patients. The magnetic nature of the whiteboards means that extra information such as patient notes can be attached if necessary. The boards were ordered in two different sizes to suit the room, 100 x 70 and a larger 180 x 120.

Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust Custom Printed Wingboard

This planning whiteboard has been designed with wings. This offers the possibility of extra confidentiality as the wings can close to cover the middle section of the board, a great way to protect patient information. Alternatively the wings can be used to create extra space as extra designs can be printed on the reverse of the wings.

North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Hospital Planning whiteboard

This whiteboard has been designed to monitor equipment as well as serving as a reminder of safe surgery procedures. North Tees & Hartlepool Hospital had their whiteboard made in a custom size, 128 x 110 cm. Your whiteboard can be cut to any size to suit you for a small added cutting charge. To find out more just contact our customer services team.

Leeds Children’s Hospital Custom Printed Ward Whiteboard

Leeds Children’s Hospital ordered a standard 120 x 90 cm whiteboard with a large table for effective monitoring of patients. This board has a sleek and professional feel to it due to the combination of the coloured hospital logo and the simple black and white chart.

Oxford Uni Hospital Custom Printed Whiteboard - SMP0762
Oxford University Hospital Custom Printed Whiteboard

Oxford University Hospital ordered one of our standard 60 x 90 cm whiteboards to manage their incoming patients proficiently. With clear and large headings they found this was just one of the best and effective methods to monitor their incoming patients. Quality dry wipe surface accepts magnets and comes with a 10 year surface guarantee.


Royal Orthopedic Hospital Birmingham Custom Printed Header Whiteboards

Royal Orthopedic Hospital Birmingham ordered 11 of these custom printed header whiteboards, with each header welcoming patients to a different part of the hospital. This eyecatching blue header, which incorporates the Royal Orthopedic Hospital Birmingham’s logo, is a great example of how small customisations can add a really professional look to any environment.

State Of Guernsey Custom Printed Ward Whiteboard

This simply grid layout is a popular style of custom printed hospital whiteboard. Our ten year surface guarantee means that you can write and erase everyday without causing wear or smudging. Contact our customer service team today to get a quote for your design.


Milton Keynes NHS Custom Printed Hospital Whiteboard

Milton Keynes NHS Hospital ordered this ward monitoring whiteboard in a 180 x 120 cm size. Our custom printed whiteboards are available in 6 standard sizes, but if you need a different size to fit your space then simply contact our customer service team and we will help you to create the perfect board for you. We had great feedback from the ward sister at Milton Keynes hospital, “We are very pleased with our whiteboard. Very professionally done.”


Bristol Royal Infirmary Pair Of Custom Printed Theatre Whiteboards

Keeping a track of all the equipment that is required for surgery can be a difficult task. Designing your own whiteboard can be a great way to monitor equipment, and can be used time and time again for all of your patients.



Guys And St Thomas Hospital Custom Printed Whiteboard

Guys And St Thomas Hospital have ordered this custom printed management whiteboard in a 90 x 140 cm size. If you’re looking for a management whiteboard just like this one but with your own custom printed headers, simply contact our customer services team and we will help you to create just what you’re looking for.


Plymouth Hospital NHS Custom Printed Grid Whiteboard

This custom printed whiteboard for Plymouth Hospital is a funky and modern version of a table whiteboard. A great, eye catching way to display important information.


Larchwood Healthcare Custom Printed Health Management Solutions Whiteboard

It doesn’t have to be a design that you choose to have custom printed onto your whiteboard. Like this Larchwood Healthcare custom printed whiteboard, you can choose an image instead! This custom printed whiteboard, ordered through LYRECO, incorporates both pictures and boxes for writing.


Custom Printed Safety Status Information Whiteboard

This style of custom printed whiteboard has become extremely popular in the healthcare industry. Colour coding is a great way to keep on top of safety information. If you wish to use this exact design you can save money on artwork generation, simply contact the customer services team and reference this whiteboard to receive your quote today.

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