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Wall Fix Whiteboards

Magiboards has a vast range of wall fix magnetic whiteboards and standard whiteboards.

The most popular whiteboards are magnetic whiteboards which come in two surfaces. Magnetic coated steel whiteboards which have a 5 year surface guarantee, and magnetic enamel steel whiteboards which have a less porous surface and therefore come with a lifetime 25 year surface guarantee.

The traditional magnetic and non magnetic whiteboards are available with aluminium or wood frames. A new frameless magnetic whiteboard, VersaTile, can be used to make large whiteboard walls or modern looking designer whiteboards. All our whiteboards can be supplied with custom printed options. The whiteboards can be fixed to the wall directly, or can be hung on a rail system or a column board system. Semi matt dry wipe projection, glass whiteboards, blackboards, combination write and pin boards and whiteboards with wings complement the range of wall fix whiteboards.

Check out the NEW Magnetic Logo whiteboard. You can now add your logo to any magnetic coated steel whiteboard for a few pounds extra......

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