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Free Standing & Mobile Whiteboards & Noticeboards

Special free standing mobile whiteboards and notice boards

All of our magnetic and non magnetic whiteboards can be manufactured with special free standing mobile stands.

As standard we offer whiteboards which rotate through 360 degrees. The stand has sturdy lockable wheels. These are available with single or double sided whiteboards and also with custom print options.

The same stand can be made with a fixed whiteboard both on wheels or fixed to the floor.

We have a very popular range of rotating cubes and triangular whiteboards. These are widely used for SQDC whiteboards in a manufacturing environment.

Our Cube Cupboards with 4 magnetic whiteboards can also be custom made to suit your requirements. These are available with and without shelves.

Notice boards can also be made as a mobile version.

Desktop whiteboards, easels and flipcharts complete the portable mobile whiteboards and noticeboards range.

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