Folding Panel Display Boards

A range of UK manufactured folding panel display boards. The panel displays literally fold away into a carry bag.

The colour choice range offers 14 beautiful loop nylon fabrics which is ideal for use with Velcro® accessories. The display boards are available as 6 , 8 and 10 panel units.  Each of the display boards can have headers which are offered as an accessory along with a handy carry bag if you plan to transport your boards regularly from place to place. Each product is lightweight and folds away for you to carry. The folding panel display boards range includes two tabletop versions. A budget version is available with blue on one side and grey on the reverse. Any combination of colour is available in the colour choice range.

The Jumbo 3 panel Display Unit is one size only and also available in 14 colours.

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Panel Display Boards For Trade Shows

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