Flipchart Stands and Flipchart Accessories

Magiboards offers a varied range Flipchart Stands and Flipchart Accessories to suit all spaces and budgets.
The top of the range is the fully mobile flip chart, but if space and or budgets are a constraint, Magiboards also offers two handy flipchart accessories: one which clips onto the top of our whiteboards and one which can be placed on any surface accepting magnetic accessories. A flipchart which attaches to our rail track system can be found in the rail systems section.

If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact our customer service department. We are happy to help.

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launch clean whiteboard video

How to clean your whiteboard

To keep an easy to clean, dry wipe surface, free of ghosting, please follow the instructions on this easy to watch video on how to clean your Magiboards’ whiteboard.

launch hang whiteboard video

How to hang your Magiboard

A quick video to show you how easy it is to install Magiboards’ whiteboards and framed noticeboards.

launch chameleon frameless whiteboard video

Introducing Chameleon Frameless Designer Whiteboards

The latest innovation in whiteboards: combining the functionality of a top of the range magnetic enamel whiteboard with the latest in style and panache.

launch custom printed lean display whiteboard video

Introducing Lean Whiteboard Display Solutions

Special stands and accessories for 5S, H&S, Kaizen, SQDC, Tracker, CI. We can help you deliver your project.