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Chameleon Noticeboard Shapes

Chameleon noticeboard shapes are made from the highest quality bulletin board. This top designer product brings high end design and a top of the range quality product together.

Want to add some design and personal touch to your office? The Chameleon Notice board has a funky range of Puzzles, Waves, Hexagons and Circles allows you to mix colour and shape panels to really create your own working space. The 100 x 100 cm funky puzzle panels are unframed and can be butted up against each other or placed to make your own shape.

The panels are made from the highest quality bulletin board. They have an excellent self healing pinnable surface, and come with a 25 year surface guarantee. The noticeboard repels bacteria and dust. In addition, the bulletin noticeboards are washable with water. The product itself is made from renewable raw materials which makes it the perfect environmentally friendly noticeboard.

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