Panel Display Boards For Trade Shows

Standing out at a trade show can be a difficult challenge. There is a lot of competition so you really have to sell yourself. According to the young entrepreneur council in their article for, one smart way to stand out against the crowd is to invest in a great display. Magiboards’ folding panel display boards are a great way to display your information at a trade show. The panel displays literally fold away into a carry bag, meaning that they are easy to take to each and every trade show you attend. The colour choice range offers 14 eye catching loop nylon fabrics which are ideal for use with Velcro® accessories. The display boards are available as 6 , 8 and 10 panel units.  Each of the boards can have headers which are offered as an accessory along with a handy carry bag if you plan to transport your boards regularly from place to place. The folding panel display boards range also includes two tabletop versions, so you can really use all of your available space to sell your ideas.

To really get ahead of the competition at your next trade show, check out our folding panel display board range here.

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