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Case Study: Arnold House Children’s Home Wood Framed Notice Boards

Arnold House Children’s Home wood framed notice boards, were cut to a special size for the Ofsted Outstanding Children’s Home who recently purchased some beige loop nylon wood framed noticeboards from Magiboards.

Matt Law, Senior Residential Carer at the home, is happy with the notice boards.

“Boards have arrived and they are just what I was after.  I’m really pleased”

loop nylon wood framed beige notice board


Loop nylon notice boards have the best fabric for use with Duo Velcro® Paper Holders with see through front. The beige fabric looks particularly good with the light wood frame.

All our notice boards can be cut to a special size. Please remember to say if your special size is external size or internal surface. You can have your own custom size notice boards in over 60 colourways and 5 framing options.


For more information on our wood framed notice boards click here.

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