Magiboards joins Made in the Midlands Group

Magiboards joins Made in the Midlands Group


Magiboards joins Made in the Midlands Group

Made in the Midlands works with some of the largest OEMs and tier one suppliers and many of the Midlands and Yorkshire SME base. Today Made in the Midlands is the fastest growing membership in the UK with more than 500 members, and provides all members with a microsite and blogging platform which Magiboards will utilise by posting our latest manufacturing solutions and general updates. Take a look at site for yourself! –

Magiboards is a market leading UK manufacturer and worldwide supplier of whiteboards and notice boards, combining the knowhow of visual communication products with bespoke solutions.

Whether you are a CI Manager, a Lean or Agile expert, a H&S specialist or the Office Manager, finding a notice board supplier who will listen to you and come up with custom solutions which match your needs can be very demanding. So, if the thought of trying to clean the smudge marks off your creased vinyl SQDCP board brings you out in a sweat, you will be delighted to hear that Magiboards produces dye sublimation custom printed whiteboards with NO vinyl overlay….just a smooth easy to clean dry wipe surface that is guaranteed to suit your requirements.

In most cases you will have a good idea of the information that you will want to track on your whiteboard, be it a Fishbone analysis, a morning meeting station or an H&S board. Magiboards has an in house Graphic Design team who will produce digital proofs for you and your team that will perfectly fit your brief. The final board is only produced when your team has signed it off.  And it is not only the whiteboards which are custom made, but also the stands, the sliding rail system, the Cubes and the Obeya room.

Magiboards manufactures a very wide variety of magnetic whiteboards and designer Eco notice boards providing our customers with practical solutions with a designer edge. We lead the way in innovative new products whilst still retaining the reputation for providing an unrivalled support package of service, quality and experience that Magiboards are renowned for.  And as you are talking directly to the specialist manufacturer, you will not pay more than you need to and you will be guaranteed to get what you need.

No wall is too big, no pinboard too small!
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Magiboards joins Made in the Midlands Group

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