Economical Large Whiteboards

Are you looking for a whiteboard that is larger than 240 x 120 cm wide and does not cost a fortune? Magiboards very often supplies and installs cut and join whiteboards.

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These have many benefits:

  • Create a large whiteboard size to suit you
  • Easy to transport
  • Looks professional. The whole board has only one frame surround
  • Allows a very large board to get through doors and corridors
  • Available with top quality magnetic dry wipe writing surfaces with 25 or 10 year surface guarantees
  • Economical – no special transport costs

How are these large whiteboards made?

We make numerous whiteboard panels and these are joined together with a discreet H section joining piece and then the whole board has one anodised aluminium frame surround.

What is the largest board we can make?

We would take the 240 cm width and use that as the whiteboard height. We can now go as wide as we like in a maximum of 120 cm width panels.

To keep it simple, you either use the max 120 cm side as the height and can then have up to 240 cm panels across in the width or you use the max 240 cm in the height and have as many 120 cm wide panels as you like.

What do the whiteboard panels look like when they arrive?
See image below.

What surfaces are the large cut and join whiteboards available in ?

These come in both magnetic enamel steel with a 25 year surface guarantee and also a magnetic coated steel with a 10 year surface guarantee.

We do not offer this in a non magnetic version as the boards are much heavier than the magnetic whiteboards which have a light weight honeycomb core and are easier to install as well as being a far superior dry wipe surface.

Can I write on the H section piece ?

The discreet H section is 1 cm wide and can not be written on. Dry wipe marker pen does wipe off. The H section is made of anodised aluminium

How are the Cut and Join Whiteboards attached to the Wall ?

Please look at the video to see how the clever fixing clips work


How do I order?

To enquire about an order, please contact our customer service team for a no obligation quote. All we require is the size of the board(s) and we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.
Tel: 01952 292111

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