Magiboards Creates Factory Meeting Area with Large Frameless Whiteboard

A large frameless whiteboard can make a real design statement and has multiple uses.

Polytec asked Magiboards to design an area in their new factory in Telford, Shropshire, which could be used both for morning production meetings and also for suppliers or customers.

The Magiboards sales and installation team worked closely with Polytec to advise them on the best designer solution that would work for them and be most suitable in their brand new manufacturing plant. To adhere to Polytec’s design requirements, Magiboards recommended that the Chameleon whiteboard was the best product to get the results they wanted.

All lean manufacturing companies need a space where they can share data, have daily production meetings, display their KPI’s. Magiboards decided to print on the Chameleon whiteboard wall to reinforce the company brand. The Polytec logo and mission statement are printed and the KPI area is created using custom printed magnets and self adhesive magnetic paper holder windows to allow an up to date display of data which can evolve over time. Continuous improvement means our offer had to be subject to regular change.

The second function of the large frameless whiteboard wall is to create a meeting area for customers and suppliers. The wall is located in the factory. Magiboards has cut out the space for a TV monitor to be mounted flush to the magnetic whiteboard. All leads are hidden behind the whiteboard which is mounted on a batten system using magnets. There is no need to channel out walls to hide cabling.  A few bar tables and chairs and ….. a meeting room is created.

The Chameleon whiteboard wall measures 6 metres in total, not something that a standard whiteboard can achieve.

The Chameleon Whiteboard combines the functionality of a top of the range magnetic enamel or coated steel whiteboard with the latest in style and panache. No more frames and every size to choose from.

Whether you have an office space, a factory or a classroom and are interested in the Chameleon whiteboard wall, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can work with you to help find the best solution to suits your needs.

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