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Rail Systems

Magiboards' MagiRail track system can hang 2 surfaces of whiteboards, a special flipchart, felt noticeboards in 4 colourways and a projection board.
All of these can be hung on a very modern white rail system which comes with all fittings and is supplied in track lengths of 240cm which can either be joined together or cut down to size.
Our new brackets system means that up to 3 boards of the same size can overlap gracefully, giving you optimum use of space. The front two boards are hung on the Magi Rail track and the 3rd back board is wall mounted. The front or back boards simply slide right or left allowing you to either stack your boards one behind the other or place them further along the track as you wish.
Also available is a special security clip accessory which prevents the whiteboards and noticeboards being easily lifted off the rail. This is commonly used in schools where it is not safe for the children to be able to lift the boards off the rail.

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