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Magiboards: Inventors of the whiteboard

Did you know?

In 1966 the founder of Magiboards worked for a large steel manufacturer that produced enamel steel for architectural markets. One of the benefits of this material was that it was easy to wipe off any markings and this sparked the idea to make writing boards in this material, to replace the then prevalent slate blackboards in schools.

And so Magiboards was born, and ever since, for more than 46 years now, we have been at the forefront of innovation in offering tools and equipment for teaching, training, presentation, conference, display and exhibition. Enamel steel still is the highest quality whiteboard available in the market and although we offer a 25 year guarantee on our enamel board surface some of the board we made back in 1966 are still being used today!

Magiboards, inventor of the the whiteboard!

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